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The Science of Consciousness: Life Secrets, Principles, and Hacks to a Meaningful, Purposeful, and Happy Existence

Paolo Tiberio Libri

People from all walks of life question their place in this world. Many feel empty and disillusioned, suffocated by the trappings and constraints of society, and living lives without purpose or meaning. Many wonder why some people manifest the reality they desire, while others live in a continuous struggle.Awakening - The Science of Consciousness is your guide to finding meaning and purpose in life and regaining your spark. In the process, you will reconcile science and spirituality, your analytical mind, and your inclusive loving heart. You will clarify age-old questions like: Why are we here? What is the meaning of our life? What is the nature of reality? What has consciousness have to do with anything?In this book, Paolo Tiberi reveals secret knowledge and insights into this majestic path we call life. He helps you see the world through different lenses: through the eyes of a modern-day mystic; through near-death experiences; and from the perspective of light. You will discover the role and expression of consciousness, light, and frequency and understand how to use this knowledge to design and manifest the life you always wanted.Awakening - The Science of Consciousness sets you on a path to understand who you are and why you are here. It helps you "unplug from the matrix" and break out from all beliefs that have kept you trapped in this consciousness-based simulation.This book will teach you how to take charge and design the life you have always dreamed of. Get a copy today and start changing your life. "Healing from emotional trauma is messy. It's alienation, it's detachment, it's raw, it's the mother of all aches, and it undoubtedly changes you as a person (spiritually, mentally, and emotionally). Paolo's book has been inspirational in terms of my spiritual healing and growth. Through reading his book, I was able to grasp a deeper understanding of the concepts of life, and how I can integrate and resonate it in my own life on a much more profound level.I suffered from depression for a great many years. It's only been as recent as last year that I began to have a little understanding of my depression, how much it affected my lifestyle and choices, and how it contributed greatly towards my emotional imbalance and mental anguish. For a long time, I have been layered over with countless concepts and beliefs about what it is to be a human being and what the real reasons for living are, that it was easy to lose sight of the reality of what life was all about for me. Paolo's book has helped me put my life into perspective, by understanding the dynamics of what life is and how it works. His book has prompted me to ask questions about myself, who and what I am, what is this entity that I call 'me'. The knowledge provided in his book is empowering, informative (factual), powerful, and enlightening. It leaves no room for hope, confusion, and uncertainty.Paolo's book has encompassed the whole spectrum of life, and he has proven through his research without a doubt how science validates spirituality. He spoke of the great secrets about life, hidden truths about ourselves as 'light beings'. The book has expanded my awareness about who and what I am, and how my system works in delivering and dictating the events and circumstances in my life. When I look at the entirety of my life experience, the whole picture, the whole truth, my life is starting to make sense, I am awakening from my slumber.We are more than just our bodies. Our mental, emotional and physical energies are inextricably linked. This book is great in that it sheds 'light' on what this connection is about. It talks about the essence of life, working with your energy, and bringing more awareness to your own process. For ultimately, energy processes are what we are. We are beings of light energy. Thank you, Paolo, for sharing your wisdom, inspiration, time, and love, all of what your book embodies." ~ Carmen Daniel
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