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30 Minute Guides to Headache-Free Open Adoption Parenting- COMPLETE SERIES

Russell Foster Libri

Each installment of this four part series is designed to be easily ingested, usually readable in half an hour or so. 10 Open Adoption Essentials: What Children Need Their Adoptive Parents & Birthparents to Know About Open Adoption RelationshipsAfter an infant is adopted, why is it so common for open adoption relationships to fall apart between adoptive parents and birthparents? One reason is because that relationship is so unique from any other relationship in this world that it is difficult for those involved to foresee many of the things that could go wrong. It does not have to be this way. You owe it to yourself and the others in your adoption triad (child, adoptive parents, and birthparents) to learn as much as you can in order to sidestep some of the bumps you may experience along your journey. There are many factors that go into a healthy adoption triad, but it is always good to start out understanding the ten most essential ones!How to Create the Ideal Adoption Profile: How to Get Noticed by Potential Birthparents, Writing the Perfect ?Dear Birthmother? Letter, Choosing the Right Profile Pictures, and More?Why is it that some couples are forced to wait many years before they are chosen to adopt while others are chosen quickly? One reason is that everyone needs to have a good profile listing with the adoption agency or any potential birthparent will browse right past them to the next couple hoping to adopt.Creating the ideal adoption profile can be hard, but it doesn?t need to be. Using the knowledge gained from his degree in Sociology as well as interviewing countless birthparents about why they chose whom they did to adopt their child, this little book will walk you through the process of choosing the right photographs, writing your introductory letter, and doing what it takes to make sure you get noticed!How Open Should My Adoption Be? Understanding Open vs. Closed Adoption, Preparing for Possible Difficulties, Pros & Cons of Sharing Pictures & Updates, Visiting Birthparents, Social Media, Appropriate Gifts, & More...When planning to adopt an infant, how could you possibly know how open your adoption should be? No two adoptions are alike, so there cannot be a universal correct answer. Even when the same couple is involved in more than one adoption, each situation will require a different answer to that question. And to make a complicated question even more difficult, there are many layers to open adoption that will each require an answer in order to have a healthy adoption triad. How often should you share pictures and updates? What are the pros and cons of connecting with birthparents over social media? What risks are being taken by involving extended family members in your adoption relationships? What about visiting face-to-face?This book may not be able to answer the question for you about how open your adoption should be, but it will give you tools to help you answer it for yourself!99 DOs and DON?Ts with Open Adoption: What Hopeful Adoptive Parents Need to Know Before Adopting a BabyAfter adopting an infant, what is the best way to navigate complicated open adoption relationships? You owe it to yourself and the others in your adoption relationships to learn as much as you can in order to sidestep some of the bumps you may experience along your journey. Like the other three parts of this series, this book will take you less than half an hour to read. It might not go quite as deeply in depth as the others in this series regarding certain topics, but these are 99 essential things every adoptive couple needs to know regarding open adoption. Each bit of advice will get the wheels turning inside your mind regarding the intricate complexities of open adoption relationships and get you thinking more deeply about all aspects of your adoption triad?from the times leading up to a future adoption through the years after. If you read only one book from this series, make sure it is this one!
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